• Women & Bamboo

    Women & Bamboo
    Did you know toilet papers are often filled with fragrances and chemicals that can be irritating to sensitive skin? Because the vagina is so sensitive, wiping with anything that isn’t truly meant for human skin is not a good idea, which is the biggest organ on the human body and your first line of defense against infections and diseases. If you notice that you...
  • Bamboo the new generation

    Bamboo the new generation
    The greatest revolutions in history happened one moment, one day, and decision at a time. Ultra Kosmic 9 is literally changing the trajectory of our planet from ruin and environmental catastrophe, towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. Bamboo was once thought to be the future but in fact, bamboo is today. When we started Ultra Kosmic 9, we had no clue that a global pandemic was on...
  • Bamboo Tissue for feminine hygiene

    Bamboo Tissue for feminine hygiene
      Bamboo tissue is perfect for women including expecting and postpartum mothers; Who oftentimes due to the changes in body moisture, worn materials, opened cervix (after birth) and hormonal changes can throw off the natural PH balance of the vagina causing an overgrowth of bacteria which results in yeast infections, longer healing time, bacterial vaginosis, etc. Bamboo has a naturally occurring Anti-bacterial agent called...
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