Bamboo Tissue for feminine hygiene


Bamboo tissue is perfect for women including expecting and postpartum mothers; Who oftentimes due to the changes in body moisture, worn materials, opened cervix (after birth) and hormonal changes can throw off the natural PH balance of the vagina causing an overgrowth of bacteria which results in yeast infections, longer healing time, bacterial vaginosis, etc. Bamboo has a naturally occurring Anti-bacterial agent called Bamboo kun which Is known to eliminate over 70% of bacteria and pathogens that attempt to grow on it, these anti-bacterial properties are retained even after processing into toilet tissue. Most women may not know that the products you use to clean and even wipe yourself can create breeding grounds for these bacteria because of the dyes and bleaching agents used are harmful to our bodies and reproductive health which enter through the vaginal and urethral opening. This is why many women experience reoccurring symptoms even after a diet change, lifestyle change and treatment. What you put on the outside of your body is just as important as what’s put in our bodies. Bamboo has been known in ancient practices to aid in the healing of women for generations before and after childbirth, such as increase fertility, soothe vaginal irritation, womb healing, kill cancer cells, treat infections due to HIV and much more. Your vagina is sacred.
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