Save Our Trees, Save Our Planet!

Each day 27,000 trees are cut down to produce cotton toilet tissue to the world. This destruction of our trees, has caused a worldwide health and environmental concern for the planet. Our trees are said to be the lungs of the planet as it provides us with needed oxygen, they also balance our ecology and weather. Not only are hardwood trees used to make tissue but notebook paper, money, paper plates, etc. Did you know that paper mills are the 3rd leading cause of global warming? Studies have shown that at the rate we are causing deforestation; global warming will become irreversible if we continue however the problem is not the dependency on mother nature, as she has provided this world with all the natural resources we will ever need from minerals to the fruits we eat, the problem is how much we consume without being able to replenish. We are talking about trees that have been growing for over 30-40 years which due to high supply and demand unfortunately our forests cannot keep up with our destruction. The solution? Bamboo grass (often called trees) which only takes 3-7 years to fully mature. Bamboo grass is known to grow up to a meter a day and requires no irrigation. Bamboo is actually recorded in ancient times as one of the first kinds of “toilet tissue”. According to research if planted on a mass scale and used as a tree alternative can reverse the effects of global warming in only 6 years. If we save our trees, we can save our planet!

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