Women & Bamboo

Did you know toilet papers are often filled with fragrances and chemicals that can be irritating to sensitive skin?

Because the vagina is so sensitive, wiping with anything that isn’t truly meant for human skin is not a good idea, which is the biggest organ on the human body and your first line of defense against infections and diseases. If you notice that you have swelling or redness down there, the first thing you can do is switch to a hypoallergenic toilet paper. The skin around the vagina and vulva has an extremely permeable, mucous membrane that rapidly absorbs chemicals unlike any other part of the human body. This is why it’s especially important to avoid carcinogenic chemical exposure when it comes to any products you’re using around your intimate areas.  We at Ultrakosmic9 offer a much better alternative than regular hardwood toilet tissue with our 100% bamboo toilet tissue which is proven to be great for vaginal health being our Bamboo is naturally antibacterial (it doesn't collect bacteria) making it a great alternative if you are prone to vaginal infections, and can help eliminate your infections. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. The fibers in bamboo contains less dust particles, which reduces irritation

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