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Bamboo Tissue is naturally smooth and round without any chemical treatment, meaning that there are no sharp spurs to irritate the skin. Making it perfect for children and adults with all skin sensitivities. Bamboo also has many antibacterial qualities, exhibiting up to a 99.8% antibacterial rate. This helps to kill bacteria that thrive in clothing and living on the skin that causes unpleasant odors and irritation. Bamboo antibacterial properties are preserved even after processing into the tissue. The bamboo plant has a natural resistance to pest and fungal infestation due to an ant-microbial agent known as "bamboo kun” that prevents harmful matters from cultivating on the plant. It’s so effective it prevents over 70% of pathogens and bacteria that attempt to grow on it.
Bamboo is highly water absorbent, being 40% more absorbent than even the best cotton tissue brands, wiping moisture away from the skin much faster and keeps you dry and comfortable easier.
After processing, the bamboo tissue does not contain any harmful chemicals such as chlorine which is a bleaching agent used for all cotton toilet tissue used today. Chlorine can produce dioxins. Dioxin is a bleaching byproduct, it's one of the most toxic human-made chemicals created with risks including reproductive and developmental problems, damaging the immune system, acting as endocrine disruptors and even a carcinogen. Chlorinated toilet paper also has the highest amount of furans, Furan is a colorless, flammable, highly volatile liquid with a boiling point close to room temperature.
There are over 1,000 species of bamboo growing throughout the world. You can find wild bamboo growing in Central America, South America, South Africa, India, East Asia, Japan and the north of Australia. Globally, bamboo covers approximately 49 million acres of the world’s surface. Our bamboo is grown in Asia.
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